Our Strengths

A Unique Perspective

Both partners started law practice as litigation lawyers, successfully handling complex disputes involving commercial and corporate law, shareholder disputes, insurance, property, and estates. They now focus on business law but continue to apply their skills in litigation.

This melding of extensive litigation experience and business law expertise gives them a unique perspective when counseling clients and negotiating and documenting transactions. They have a broader view of business and relationships and are able, from the inception of a transaction, to anticipate possible issues and suggest workable solutions toward closing a deal and ensuring the success of a venture.

Their in-depth knowledge of the Philippine justice system gives them the ability to counsel clients on the resolution of disputes, to assist in finding acceptable commercial solutions and, where litigation cannot be avoided, to represent and protect client interests in court.

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Building Relationships

Migallos • Luna believe that excellent legal services require a relationship of trust and confidence, a relationship that can only be forged thru consistently excellent service and fidelity to client interest.

Lawyers of the Firm exert special effort to build a long-term relationship with clients. In a real sense, the Firm “partners” with the client, but at the same time retains the independence that adds real value to their inputs and advice.

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